Public Works Commettee

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each Month immediately after the Public Safety Committee Meeting

The Public Works committee shall have charge of and direct all improvements on public thoroughfares and shall have charge of and superintend the opening, laying out, widening, extending, and vacating all streets and alley. Said Committee shall take such steps as are necessary to keep the streets and alleys of the City in good, passable, and safe condition. Said Committee shall, from time to time, report to the City Council such changes, repairs and improvements as have been made and make recommendations as to future changes, repairs, or improvements of streets and alleys, which it thinks should be made. The Public Works Committee shall also have charge of all matters relating to the removal of trees located on public properties or in public ways and relating to the planting of trees thereon. It shall also be responsible for the repair, maintenance, and replacement of sidewalks for whose maintenance the City is responsible. The Public Works Committee shall also have charge of all buildings and grounds, including parks and the swimming pool, belonging to or occupied by the City and the preservation, repair, or improvement of the same. Said Committee shall also make, from time to time recommendations as to any property or building to be leased, acquired, purchased, or erected bye said City. The Public Works Committee shall see that the City is properly lighted, recommend changes in locations of lights, and report to the Council any violations of contract with the electric light company. Said committee from time to time, shall report its activities to the Council and shall make recommendations regarding any changes or improvements which it wishes  to make, to be acted upon by said Council. The Public Works  Committee shall have general supervision of the Sewer and drainage systems of the City, shall supervise all improvements and extensions thereto; shall from time to time, report its activities to the Council; and shall make from time to time, recommendations as to repairs and improvements to be made to said systems.